Scene-linear Workflow/ACES

We will continue to develop a variety of activities with an eye on next-generation video production centered on ACES, such as the dissemination, verification and feedback of scene linear workflows/ACES, which are useful in VFX where live-action and computer graphics are complexly intertwined, and the exploration of visual effects.

Project Overview

Scene Linear Workflow is a video production technique based on the physical properties of light that encapsulates years of Hollywood know-how. Especially in VFX productions where computer graphics and live action plates are intricately intertwined, it is a great alternative to traditional film and video encoding workflows. Scene linear workflows are based on real-world luminance, and the ACES standard (Academy Color Encoding System) is the framework for this. Since 2012, when the ACES standard was first established, Logoscope has been working to verify the effectiveness of the ACES standard in video production and to promote its effectiveness in Japan.

The introduction of scene linear workflows is expected to dramatically improve video quality and reduce costs by reducing production man-hours. Another major feature is that scene linear data functions as a common language for shooting, lighting, colorist, compositing, and CG artists in a series of video productions, smoothing out the production process. In addition, by using scene linear data as a foundation and adding effects based on the sensibilities and feelings of the specialists involved in video production, more vivid visual effects are possible.

In this project, we will promote the spread of scene linear workflow/ACES in Japan, provide basic knowledge for this purpose, verify and feedback on the ACES standard, and explore creative and visual effects based on scene linear workflow as a future application, with an eye to the next generation of video production and interactive content production.