Development Events

【 Lecture 】 Participated in “Color Management System Development using OpenColorIOv2.1” for NETFLIX compatible HDR production

Date: Thursday, December 15, 2022

Organizer: Born Digital, Inc.

Venue: Watellus Common Hall (Awajicho, Tokyo)

Duration: 50 minutes (time to be updated as soon as it is determined)

Speaker: Fumihiko Kamemura, Technical Artist, Representative Director of Logoscope Ltd.

Title: “Color Management System Development using OpenColorIOv2.1″ for NETFLIX compatible HDR production”

OpenColorIOv1.0, an open source software developed by Sony Pictures Imageworks in 2003, has recently been widely adopted by the VFX and CG industries. And in 2019, OpenColorIO, along with ACES ( Academy Color Encoding System ), a color management system developed by AMPAS ( Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences ), will be OpenColorIO has been adopted as an open source project of ASWF ( Academy Software Foundation ). In 2022, OpenColorIOv2.1, the open source software released by ASWF, will be equipped with highly accurate color management functions essential for the production of HDR content for OTT (Over The Top) such as NETFLIX and Disney+.

This presentation will begin with a review of the history of OpenColorIO and ACES, which have been developed separately since around the year 2000, up to their current versions. At the same time, we will summarize the status of The Foundry Nuke compositing software, which has quickly supported both software. Next, we will introduce examples of OpenColorIOv2.1 configuration development for HDR content, focusing on the new features (Reference Gamut Compression, LogCameraTransform, etc.) in the latest OpenColorIOv2.0 and v2.1. The presentation will focus on new features in HDR content (Reference Gamut Compression, LogCameraTransform, etc.).

To promote HDR production in Japan, the OpenColorIOv2.1 configuration file developed for this presentation will be distributed free of charge.