JPPA Seminar: Video Production on Scene-linear/ACES and BT.2020 Standards
Reality of Video based on Cognition

The 5th File-Based Workflow Interpolation Seminar hosted by Japan Post Production Association (JPPA) will be held. I will be giving a presentation on “Video Production in Scene Linear/ACES and BT.2020 – Reality of Video Based on Cognition”.

Date and Time: February 10, 2016 (Water) 13:00~18:00 (12:15~)
Venue: Fujifilm Nishiasabu Holl (2-26-30 Nishiasabu, Minato-ku, Tokyo)

In this talk, after explaining the basics of scene linear/ACES, he will explain in detail the reality of video brought about by next generation formats such as high resolution (4K and 8K), high frame rate (HFR), and high brightness (HDR) using the 8K video display from Sharp Corporation, which was released last year. In addition, I will explain various visual effects and artifacts recognized in high quality video production, such as Hyper Acuity (using vernier vision as an example), smearing caused by following vision, and the trade-off between motion blur and jerkiness, based on the relationship between video and human perception revealed by leading Japanese researchers, and then propose a post-production workflow based on these visual characteristics and scene linearity.

Presentation slides (download)