VFX Feature: Netflix Original Series “THE NAKED DIRECTOR Season 2” on CGWORLD.JP

Netflix SDR & HDR Simultaneous Preview Environment

The VFX making feature for the Netflix original series “The Naked Director Season 2” was posted on the web at CGWORLD.JP. We, Logoscope Ltd., were in charge of the HDR-ready color pipeline for Spade&Co. which led the VFX in this production.

For this production, we built a simultaneous SDR & HDR preview environment in Spade & Co.’s studio, centered around Nuke Studio, which was customized for VFX-QC. This allows for low-cost VFX checks and director previews of the same quality as post-production and grading rooms.

In addition, you can visually experience the jerkiness and the range of color space in the high luminance range that can only be achieved on a large 4K-HDR display with high luminance, and compare them with SDR at the same time, making it easy to accumulate HDR production know-how.