【 Lecture 】
CGWORLD 2015 Creative Conference :Video Production in BT.2020: Reality of Video Based on Cognition

We will be giving a presentation at the CGWORLD 2015 Creative Conference in Tokyo on November 22, 2015 as follows.

“Video Production in BT.2020: Reality of Video Based on Cognition”
Next generation formats such as high resolution (4K and 8K), high frame rate (HFR) and high brightness (HDR) bring a high level of reality to video expression. In this talk, we will explain various visual effects and artifacts recognized in high quality video production, such as Hyper Acuity, which is an example of vernier vision, smearing caused by gaze movement after moving objects, and the trade-off relationship between image quality degradation and jerkiness, with reference to the relationship between video and human perception revealed by leading Japanese researchers. We then propose a psychophysical workflow based on those visual characteristics.

Presentation materials (download)