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Symposium hosted by DCCJ & SKJ “Video Innovation! The latest technology and its impact on business from the perspective of the 4K world”

We will be giving a presentation on “VFX Video Pipeline and Physiological Visual Effects” at a symposium hosted by DCCJ & SKJ on May 22, 2013.

The VFX image is a digital visual effect added to the image, and in the production of the VFX image, live action, CG and its composite process intersect many times. The VFX pipeline is a flowchart that integrates the complexity of VFX and builds it logically.

There is a complex intertwining of two elements on this pipeline: physically accurate data (scene linear) and effects based on human senses (visual effects). The treatment of physical-based data converges into a single pipeline.Visual effects, on the other hand, have a diverse pipeline that is influenced by human subjectivity, such as experience and sensation. This leads to complexity in the entire VFX pipeline. In this lecture, we will show you one way to solve these complexities. First of all, we define the visual effects in the VFX pipeline. Through a detailed comparative analysis of various examples of visual effects by VFX artists, we point out the constants and develop them into a pipeline where diversity is constrained.

Presentation Slides (download)