IIF-ACES Workflow using IS-100 and IS-mini: Camera Setting

We provide the construction of the scene-linear workflow based on ACES color space for VFX companies.
In the process of the scene-linear workflow, we first remove the camera’s native gamma and convert it to ACES(scene-linear).
In this case, it is important for the cinematographer and DIT(Digital Image Technician) to properly set the right camera setting.
To make this process easier, we co-produced a user-manual with FUJIFILM Co,. Ltd.
Through this manual, you can reduce the complexity of setting a camera. And it becomes easier to share information concerning the camera setting among the cinematographer, DIT and post-production staff.
You can download the PDF from the following URL.

“IIF-ACES Workflow using IS-100 and IS-mini: Camera Setting”

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