Development Events

【 Lecture 】 Participated in “Color Management System Development using OpenColorIOv2.1” for NETFLIX compatible HDR production

Date: Thursday, December 15, 2022 Organizer: Born Digital, Inc. Venue: Watellus Common Hall (Awajicho, Tokyo) Duration: 50 minutes (time to be updated as soon as it is determined) Speaker: Fumihiko Kamemura, Technical Artist, Representative Director of Logoscope Ltd. Title: “Color Management System Development using OpenColorIOv2.1″ for NETFLIX compatible HDR production” OpenColorIOv1.0, an open source software […]


IDT (Input Device Transform) for RICOH THETA Z1

In the CGWORLD vol.262 (June 2020 issue) released on Saturday, May 9, 2020, in cooperation with CGSLAB, we provided an explanation of the ACES-compatible HDRI production flow using the RAW shooting-compatible “RICOH THETA Z1”. IDT Download Link for THETA Z1  In this feature, Logoscope has created an IDT (Input Device Transform) that approximates the RGB […]