Mission Statement:

To construct the design of workflow that cross technology and creativity in video production. To develop the crossing of movie and other fields.

Our Business:

Logoscope Ltd. specializes in the construction of workflow and the consulting about shooting, editing, visual effects and showing of digital cinema. Especially, we promote Scene-linear Workflow which in accordance with ACES. And also we forward high reality video which based on perception complies with BT.2020 standards. Our new attempt is to build a basis of representation in virtual reality cinema that is story-telling on first person view video, represented by 360 degrees video.Furthermore, we approach digitalization of museum collections and visualization of digital information since our establishment.

For our clients:

We find out and propound problems that our clients are not aware of. Then we propose a solution that satisfies each requirement of individual client. We do not just solute the problems that are already fixed. We think together with our clients. We create and offer workflow or pipelines that are customized to fit each site.


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